Olivia featured in new film "1 a Minute"

"Somewhere in the world, a woman dies of Breast Cancer,
EVERY minute!"

Global Stars come together for Breast Cancer Docu-Drama

Los Angeles, 06 March, 2010: When Namrata Singh Gujral lost two aunts to breast cancer, she realized she was at high risk. Time to watch it, she thought! But all the precautions in the world didn't help ward off the big "C" and in 2008 the Indo-American actress got the phone call that women dread: breast cancer at 32. Furious with the disease, and terrified for herself and her 9 year old daughter, Gujral decided to turn her harrowing journey into a positive outcome and launched the film's journey while going through her third chemotherapy.

Narrated by Kelly McGillis (Top Gun), "1 a Minute" is an unprecedented push by global women celebrities (who are also cancer survivors) to raise funds for a cure, promote awareness and prevention as well as support survivors of women's cancers. The film follows a woman's journey through cancer with a focus on Breast Cancer, the most frequent cancer in women worldwide. At each stage of her journey, our stars (survivors from around the world; or affected closely by it), jump in and recount their experiences at that point in time.

The film stars Olivia Newton-John (Grease): Survivor, Jaclyn Smith (Charlie’s Angels): Survivor, Melissa Etheridge (An Inconvenient Truth): Survivor, Diahann Carroll (Claudine): Survivor, Lisa Ray (Water/Bollywood Hollywood): Survivor, Barbara Mori (La Mujer de Mi Hermano/Kites): Survivor, Mumtaz (Iranian Actress/Bollywood): Survivor, Namrata Singh Gujral (Americanizing Shelley/Kaante): Survivor, Billy Baldwin (Backdraft): Mom is a Survivor, Danny Baldwin (VAMPIRE$): Mom is a Survivor and Priya Dutt, whose mother, the famous Bollywood star Nargis Dutt, died of cancer.

The doc also covers interviews with top Western Oncologists (such as Dr. Dennis Slamon - Inventor of Herceptin) as well as top Eastern medicine practitioners (such as Dr. Deepak Chopra).

Profits from the film will go to beneficiaries that are international cancer related Non-Profits & NGO’s such as: Susan G. Komen for the Cure, BreastCanecr.Org. The Breast Cancer Site, Tthe Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust and The Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center.

The film, shot in several countries, is being produced by UniGlobe Entertainment and directed by Namrata Singh Gujral. The team boasts A-list Hollywood talent such as composer Jay Ferguson (NBC’s "The Office"), sound chief Scott Jennings (March of the Penguins), music supervisor Michael Mason (The Fugitive), editor maureen meulen (Five Fingers) and director of photography Yasu Tanida (August Evening).

The crew also includes top professionals who lent their expertise to local shoots in Los Angeles, San Diego, Texas, Florida, Australia, Canada, Mexico and India.

The film will release globally in October 6, 2010 on DVD with theatrical screenings in select cities.

Company info at: www.UniGlobeEntertainment.com
1 a Minute info at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1489877/